Jewellery Care

Follow these rules to extend the life of your precious jewellery. Cosmetics, such as hair products, perfumes and make up adhere to your items causing them to lose their beauty.  Some products can also eat away at special coatings applied to your jewellery.  Therefore, it is best to apply all of the above-mentioned products BEFORE you put on your jewellery.  Sterling silver tarnishes when exposed to air when you are NOT wearing it.  Therefore, place your silver in an air-tight baggie when you are not wearing it in order to prolong its lustre.  Doing so will avoid having to clean your items, and thus extend their life.

We do not recommend using any industrial products or metal cleaners of any type on your jewellery. Even the mildest of these products remove layers on silver and the oxidization on "antiqued" silver.  The best way to clean your jewellery is to use a soft toothbrush or soft cloth, some baking soda and water.  LIGHTLY scrub your items with a diluted mixture of the water and baking soda. This is a safe for our pearls, stones, beads and silver.  You may also simply use a damp cloth.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  For "AB" crystals only.
These crystals are coated in order to achieve their special lustre.
DO NOT use the above cleaning method to clean your items.
Instead, rub the non-coated (front) side only with a slightly damp, soft cloth.