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How To Order

The instructions below will help you to select your jewellery and place your order.
Please be sure to read
ALL the instructions on this page before placing your order.
Because we offer so many items and combinations, it is not possible for us to have a shopping cart button for every one of these combinations.
See the
CUSTOM ORDERS section below for detailed information on how to place an order when you are choosing an item with customization.


All prices on our site including shipping & taxes are quoted in Canadian Dollars.

Allow up to 3 - 4 weeks for your order to be created & processed prior to shipping.
The length of shipping is determined by the shipping method you choose.










See steps 1 - 7 on how to place a NON-CUSTOMIZED order.

Click on any of the buttons to the right to find your desired item(s).
(ie. Necklaces, Ring, Charms, Crystals, etc.)

Click on the Add To Cart button associated with your item.
The item will appear on the Shopping Cart for you to preview your order.

If you have added an item by mistake, click the Remove checkbox to the right of the item in the shopping cart preview and then press the Update Cart button below to remove it.  You may remove 1 or more items at the same time.

Do the following to add 2 or more of the same item.  When viewing your shopping cart you can increase the quantity by changing the number in the Quantity field as desired.  Then press the Update Cart button to refresh the cart with your changes.  Use the same method to decrease any quantity.

Click the Continue Shopping button if you want to continue to add more items to your order.  You can browse any part of the website during your ordering process without losing the contents of your shopping cart.  Return to this section to continue to add more items or to check out.

Select the appropriate shipping method which you will find by clicking on the Shipping button to the right.

When your shopping is complete, press the View Cart button on any ordering page to get back to your shopping cart.  Then press the Proceed To Checkout button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase.

There is no need to cancel an order, just close the shopping cart without proceeding with your order.


This applies to items that allow you to choose a colour or type of charm.
For example, lets say you are purchasing a
Dangle Bangle that offers the following:
Sterling silver bangle with 16 dangling charms.  Displaying 8 multi-coloured Swarovski 10mm crystal heart charms & 8 sterling silver charms.  You can choose up to 8 heart initials in place of the existing silver charms.

If you choose our design, then we add the 8 silver non-initial charms automatically.  However, if you decide to substitute our silver charms with your choice of up to 8 silver heart initial charms you would do the following:

Start by clicking the appropriate
Add to Cart button for the product.  Don't go to the charms section and choose your charms because you will be charged an additional amount for each one you select.

Instead, do one of the following things:
1. When you pay for the item, there is an area where you can write us a short descrition of what your substitutions are.


2. (Preferred method) Send us an email after you have placed your order and specify what you would like your substitutions to be.

If you are ordering 2 or more items, please be specific with the details of your customized selections!!!  The same applies to items where you need to spell a name, or when choosing any of our charms.


Payment Option
We accept payment in the form of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card & PayPal.  We also accept Money Orders, Certified Cheques and Personal Cheques.

Orders paid by Money Order, Certified Cheque or Personal Cheque will not be filled/processed until payment is received and cleared.

Please make your Money Order, Certified Cheque or Personal Cheques payable to the artist,
Debi Kisluk

Mail Payment To:
Eclectics, 80 Sassafras Circle, Thornhill, ON, L4J 8M9, Canada.

Orders Outside of Canada & USA
All orders are welcome.  However, only Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card & PayPal payments are acceptable.  Shipping charges will be calculated prior to shipping.  We are not responsible for any trade restrictions that may cause your items to be held by authorities.  In addition, you are solely responsible for all duties, tariffs and taxes that may be imposed by your country and/or shipper.

The size of images displayed on our website are for viewing purposes only.  They do not indicate the actual size of the item they represent. Please contact us if you require actual measurements not listed on our website.  In addition, item colours will vary depending upon your computer's monitor (screen) type, its brightness & contrast.  Therefore, there may be a variance between the colour you see on the screen and the actual colour of the item.  We have done our best to make our images as colour accurate as possible.

Due to safety reasons, we do not offer our products in infant and toddler sizes.  We do not suggest giving jewellery with small parts to children under the age of 4.  We recommend that young children should not be left unsupervised if they are in the possession of small jewellery items.  There have been many reported cases of children swallowing small items or placing them in their ears and nose.

All jewellery designs, associated photo's and web page layouts are the exclusive property of "Debi Kisluk" of "Eclectics" and are copyrighted and protected under Canadian copyright law.  No entity or individual is entitled to remove or use any content of the website www.eclecticsartware.com in any manner without a signed consent notification from the above mentioned owner.